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Across communities in Lewis County, individuals and emergency responders face crisis every day.  It may be a residential structure fire, a traumatic motor vehicle accident or a death in a home.  Regardless of the cause it is a traumatic time for those involved–a time of crisis.

Lewis Comegan-and-jeremiah-800x597unty Chaplaincy Services chaplains respond alongside of our emergency workers to care for the citizens affected by the crisis.  Our specially trained chaplains will help walk those people through the event offering guidance on where to turn next and what resources are available to help with their immediate and long-term needs.  These individuals may be the ones injured in an incident or directly affected by a residential fire.  They could also be the coworkers, friends, family or even bystanders who witnessed a tragic incident and are affected by it.

Emergency services personnel, whether law enforcement, fire, dispatchers, coroners or other individuals face a tremendous amount of stress in their workcasey-police-1-800x520.  They respond to horrific situations that can have an immediate as well as long-term effect on both their physical and emotional well-being.  This can not only affect the individual but his or her family as well.

Chaplains are there to support the responder in a confidential way as they deal with these experiences.  Many responders leave the emergency field due to the stress and effects from responding.  It is the chaplain’s goal to help reduce the effects and to help them have a long and health career as they serve the community.